Cell Protection Care

Basic and classic facial treatment. Skin problems come from both internal and external cause, from stress and unbalanced daily lifestyle to environment polutant. INSKIN’s Cell Protection Care offers pampering services for relatively healthy yet tired skin from stated causes, providing clearing
and hydrating treatments that will detox and refresh your skin from the cells out. Use only cosmeceutical products, gentle and non-irritating.

Demalogica Clearing Treatment45 mins

Hydrating Treatment45 mins

Cell Repair Care

A more intensive and effective package for troubled skin, with different methods targeting various skin conditions: from oily and acne-prone to premature aging skin with fine lines and wrinkles. The powerful yet non-irritating treatments with a holistic approach will cure skin problems gently in and out, recovering the skin’s natural ability to heal, rejuvenate and regenerate cells.

PHA Intensive Moisture Treatment 75 mins

Comodex Trouble Treatment 75 mins

Pure Antioxidant Treatment75 mins

Wish Smart Anti aging Treatment 75 mins

Unstress Immune Treatment 75 mins

Silk Lifting Treatment75 mins

Cell Renewal Care

As skin ages, its ability of regenerate ceases. As excess skin layers grow, they block the skin’s natural moisture production, trap bacteria and excess melanin, resulting in a troubled and dull-looking complexion. INSKIN’s Cell Renewal Care provides various peeling options – fom AHA/ BHA peeling to herbal peeling – to eliminate skin surface residues, refine the pore more a firmer and smoother looking texture, diminishing visible imperfections and preparing the skin for more targeted treatments.

Safely conducted with peeling depth control and active ingredients, improving skin circulation and regeneration ability.

PHA Ultra Hydration Treatment 75 mins

Aladdin Magic Treatment50 mins

Shining ASA Treatment60 mins

Biophyto Balance Treatment75 mins

Cell Support Care

Intensive and concentrating care, featuring specialized machines, offering treatments from deep, exfoliating peeling to anti-aging .
INSKIN’s Cell Support Care offers short-time treatment, improving metabolism and visible troubles for instant results.

AQUA Peeling Treatment45 mins

Iontophoresis Treatment45 mins

Guerison + Signature Ampule Treatment60 mins

Cryostamp Treatment 60 mins

Special Anti-Aging Program

01 Shining ASA Treatment 60 mins

03 times of Main Treatment 3 x 90 mins

03 times of Regeneration Treatment 3 x 90 mins